Personal Statement

‘…. …. …. He stopped his walk, short of breath.  He was climbing higher and higher.  The gradient was steep and the ground was soft with recent rain unseen.  Clouds floated below his feet and calmly by away into the mists.
The pack on his back slid down uncomfortably due to the broken strap, chaffing his lower back.  He was close, too close to turn back now and adjust it properly.
There it was within sight.
Just another pile of rocks.’

My work is an exploration of the world as I see it at a walking pace.  It is an ongoing collection of observations and extrapolations derived from wanderings on foot.  My chosen way of expressing these thoughts is through drawing and painting.  My work starts out as an investigation of more traditional drawing and painting techniques, which is gradually buried beneath marks, additional elements and methods that induce vibrations in the visual. This in turn creates a sort of archeology for the viewer to deconstruct and through this process come to feel more informed about the way that the environment and where we dwell is part of our experiences.  Additionally my own thoughts can become paintings, where found images and my imagination over a period of time lead to complicated and layered works in themselves, works surreal and strange.  Both the observed worlds and imagined hint at the assumption of an insight into the ‘other’.

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